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Temple of Vietnamese Spiritual ancestor


Temple of the ancestors in District 9 – Artist Hoai Linh’s 16-year dedication

The temple of meritorious artist Hoai Linh in District 9 was built on a scale of nearly 500 m2, the main hall is designed and sculpted with many details, painted with gold paint. The entire campus is covered with fresh, peaceful green.

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đền thờ tổ nghiệp quận 9

Temple from above (collectibles)

About the temple of the ancestors in District 9

Hoai Linh started construction of the ancestral church project in September 2014, on an area of 7000m2 in District 9. After 2 constructions, the Q9 ancestral temple was completed in 2015. Before that, the artist famously encountered many legal problems. Starting from September 11, 2016, the comedian inaugurated the project, but on September 19, the day of the death anniversary, he opened the door for colleagues and people to visit.

đền thờ tổ nghiệp quận 9

Entrance (collectible)

This is Hoai Linh’s work to pay homage to his ancestors and forebears in the theater industry. The ancestral temple includes the main church, the side church, the rest house for visitors and many other miniatures…. According to the comedian, this will be the place to go to worship the artists’ ancestors, also a space for exchanges and common activities, and also to contribute to the economic and tourism development of District 9.

đền thờ tổ nghiệp quận 9

Artist Hoai Linh completely mobilized to build this work (collection)

To build this project, Meritorious Artist Hoai Linh had to spend a lot of effort and enthusiasm. He completely self-advocates, not calling for sponsorship. In addition, he refused to disclose the cost of construction. However, according to the sharing of artist Cat Phuong, this work cost about 100 billion.

Address of Hoai Linh’s Ancestral Church in District 9

The temple of the ancestors in District 9 is located on 5th Street, Long Phuoc Ward, District 9, Saigon. The temple area is located right next to the Dong Nai River, between Saigon and Dong Nai, separate from the surrounding residential area.

đền thờ tổ nghiệp quận 9

Inauguration ceremony (collection)

Finding the address of the ancestral temple in District 9 is not easy. The branch roads of Long Phuoc Street are named from No. 1 to No. 12 and are all connected to the main road. However, only the 5th street has a completely different rule. From the end of street 1, it intersects with street 4 and ends at the bank of Dong Nai river without intersecting with Long Phuoc street. Therefore, to find the Address of Hoai Linh’s Ancestral Church in District 9, it is best to ask the locals.

đền thờ tổ nghiệp quận 9

Rocky rock (collection)

If you want to travel by bus, you can take bus number 88. Catch in the afternoon Ben Thanh – Long Phuoc Market. Get off at the junction of Long Thuan road intersecting with Long Phuoc, then walk about 1.5km to arrive.

đền thờ tổ nghiệp quận 9

The temple area attracts a lot of artists and people to visit (collectibles)

Finding the way to the Ancestral Temple in District 9 was difficult, but this place is not always open. In order not to lose your work, you should come on Mondays – Saturdays every week from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Sundays are not open.

Although located far from the city center, but the temple is still crowded with tourists from all over the world. Especially at the beginning of the new year.

Panorama of the architecture of the temple’s ancestors in District 9 by artist Hoai Linh

đền thờ tổ nghiệp quận 9

The outer pair of dragons (collectible)

The temple was built in the old Northern temple style. Next to it is a small canal, creating a peaceful countryside space in the outskirts of the city. The overall architecture of the temple is boldly ancient and nestled in the middle of a large flower garden. The area of the works licensed to build is more than 499m2. Overall, there is a one-storey building with a width of 197.6m2, a 2-storey building with a floor area of more than 290m2.

đền thờ tổ nghiệp quận 9

Gate from the inside (collectible)

At the entrance, there is a pair of large dragons winding, forming a bridge across the canal. On the side of the main church, there is a tiled roof with many pairs of dragons adoring. The columns running along the corridor are all made of stone with lotus bud carvings. Dozens of pillars supporting the roof with a diameter of more than 30cm, beautifully sculpted dragon details.

đền thờ tổ nghiệp quận 9

Roof poles (collectible)

At the main altar and the altar of the three saints are elaborately designed. As a spiritual person, the entire structure of the temple was carefully discussed by Meritorious Artist Hoai Linh before construction.

đền thờ tổ nghiệp quận 9

Altar with sophisticated design (collectible)

When looking up, visitors must be amazed by the multitude of winding carvings. The system of columns and trusses is always elaborately carved. The roof has an open design to let more light in.

đền thờ tổ nghiệp quận 9

Above (collectible)

The door panels are also carved differently from traditional ethnic details. The interior also features many wooden or bronze decorations such as golden horse statues, bronze drums, bells, lion statues, etc.

đền thờ tổ nghiệp quận 9

Many decorations inside (collectibles)

Inside decorated with many wooden and bronze objects such as golden horse statue, wooden lion statue, drum, bell… The work has a sacred meaning with the desire to gather artists in one place, aiming to preserve traditional culture.

đền thờ tổ nghiệp quận 9

Rocky Mountain (collectible)

The campus area outside the district 9 ancestral temple is also very elaborate. The small landscape of rocky mountains, bridges, rivers, harmonious green tree system create a feeling of relaxation and peace. Besides, there is also a large aquarium with dozens of colorful carp swimming. In addition, there are large monolithic stones engraved with the words of life instruction.

đền thờ tổ nghiệp quận 9

Aquarium (collectible)

The system of ornamental plants in the campus also has many types and is of great value. Many artists and Hoai Linh’s students also contributed to the bonsai offerings. In which, the most prominent is the large banyan tree planted in front and the tamarind tree on the side of the rockery.

đền thờ tổ nghiệp quận 9

Outside miniatures (collectibles)

Besides, in the campus of the temple of the ancestors in District 9 there is also a parking lot, a vegetable growing area, etc. If you visit this place and need to find a place to stay, check it out and  book a room at HAAN Resort  for a good price!

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