HAAN Resort & Golf

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Service and cuisine at HAAN RESORT & GOLF ECOLODGE

We provide a variety of entertainment and culinary services. For more details, please click on each service below or contact our front desk at:

Email: haan.resort@gmail.com
Tel: (+84) 946954399 / (+84) 845466668


Order restaurant party, wedding party, birthday party

HAAN Resort & Golf aims to be a high-class resort complex combining sports and health care to own a business ecosystem that takes the operation of nature as the foundation for brand and development.


Professional golf service

We create true values including quality products and services, a clean environment, friendly harmony with nature, solving worries in life towards the satisfaction of self-worth, family and friends. family and community.


Luxury resort room

HAAN always aims to improve services with the motto “customer first”. We always seek, learn, serve with all our heart, satisfy customers from the smallest details, bring each visitor to HAAN physical health and peace of mind.

With a professional, united and united team, we are committed to serving customers, contributing to changing urban lifestyles to a healthier and more dynamic to regenerate fresh and creative energy.

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