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3 Benefits of traveling for a family vacation cannot help but fall in love


Why should you choose to travel with your family? Let’s explore the benefits of family vacation with HAAN Resort & Golf!

Benefits of family vacations

Relax your mind while living in harmony with nature

Today, tourists are increasingly interested in and love the pristine value, green landscape next to the modern amenities of the resorts. The resorts are also invested with a system of green areas such as trees, flowers, vast green beaches, in front of them are swimming pools or cool blue beaches. The green color of nature has the effect of helping the body relieve anxiety, stress and fatigue.

loi ich khi di du lich nghi duong 01

Vacation is an opportunity to live in harmony with nature

Time to regenerate energy and health

Family vacations are also an opportunity to take me away from busy work and crowded cities. This is the time for the body to rest after dedicating to work. The ideal resort location will bring great rest, relaxation and entertainment experiences. The resorts are always invested with modern and comfortable facilities. Besides, there are entertainment services, massage, spa, golf, … From there, it helps to maximize energy regeneration, ready for upcoming plans.

Thiet ke chua co ten 2

Maximum energy regeneration when experiencing resort facilities

Connecting family, cultivating love

Busy and worrying lives make parents engrossed in work, but forget to spend time nurturing their families and taking care of their children. Besides, spending less time with children also unintentionally creates a gap between generations.

Ban sao Thiet ke chua co ten 5 1

Vacation is an opportunity to bring family closer

In fact, traveling and relaxing with family can help members get closer to each other. Besides creating rest and entertainment time for each person; Family vacation is an opportunity for members to play, experience, chat and eat together.

HAAN Resort & Golf – the ideal resort choice for families

To find a resort to relax is not difficult. There are many resort models with different prices. However, choosing a vacation destination for the family has many factors to consider.

HAAN Resort & Golf is located in Ho Chi Minh City. Thu Duc, meets all the criteria to be a reasonable choice for your whole family’s vacation:

The resort has an ideal location

HAAN Resort & Golf is located on the pearl island of Long Phuoc, City. Thu Duc. The resort is located not far from the city, surrounded by Dong Nai River. As a result, this place is a great vacation choice near home for the whole family, saving travel time and ensuring the health of children and the elderly.

Ban sao Thiet ke chua co ten 1

HAAN Resort & Golf is located away from the city

Large green area, peaceful space

The resort has an area of ​​15000m2, the campus is not too large but possesses quietness and privacy. A cool space with a tree-lined garden, green grass, a lotus pond full of fish and ancient village architecture will be suitable for guests who love rustic and peaceful beauty.

loi ich khi di du lich nghi duong 05

HAAN Resort & Golf is loved by its ancient and peaceful village beauty

Meeting a variety of resort needs of all members

Ban sao Thiet ke chua co ten 2 1

Economical and comfortable family room with a capacity of 4-6 people

The most important factor to the success of a family trip is that every member can comfortably rest and have fun. Besides the high quality hotel, every family member when coming to HAAN Resort & Golf can enjoy and experience the vacation according to their preferences.

Ban sao Thiet ke chua co ten 3 1

The sailing experience is an opportunity for children to explore

These include cycling, boating to visit the attractions around the resort, fishing, swimming and golf activities suitable for both children and the elderly.

Ban sao Thiet ke chua co ten 4 1

Take part in a high-class golf sport right on the resort’s premises

Diverse cuisine and food safety assurance

The restaurant at HAAN Resort & Golf offers diners an attractive and delicious culinary experience with a menu suitable for a variety of ages. There are many choices for main courses and appetizers. At the same time, the restaurant serves both frugal and fresh vegetarian dishes.

loi ich khi di du lich nghi duong 09

Part of the menu at HAAN Resort & Golf

Besides, diners can also book party, BBQ party right at the resort. All ingredients and food are carefully selected by the restaurant, ensuring freshness and safety.

loi ich khi di du lich nghi duong 10

Outdoor party brings memorable moments for all members

With the benefits of family vacation travel mentioned above, hopefully you have had more suggestions to create opportunities for effective family bonding. If you need more information or make a reservation, please contact hotline (+84) 946954399 – (+84) 945111369 for quick support!

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