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Top best golf academy in 2022 in Ho Chi Minh City attended by many golfers


Where is the prestigious place to learn basic and advanced golf in Ho Chi Minh City? Discover the top best golf academy 2022 in Ho Chi Minh City!

1. HAAN Golf Academy – HAAN Golf Academy

Address: 7/18 Cau Dinh, Long Phuoc Ward, City. Thu Duc.

HAAN Golf Academy – top best golf academy in HCM

HAAN Golf Academy is the most popular basic golf training academy in Thu Duc City. HAAN Golf Academy is located inside the HAAN Resort & Golf campus. The Academy offers courses to meet diverse needs from basic to advanced: children, adults, groups, families,…

Indoor 3D golf course applying modern technology and equipment

So, should you choose to learn Golf at HAAN Golf Academy?

Low tuition fee: With only 1 million VND/session, students can participate in training with experts at HAAN Golf Academy. Fees include golf and club rental fees. Besides, students also have a discount program of 5 – 20% when students register in groups of 2 or more.
Play confidently after 25 lessons: HAAN Golf Academy offers an accelerated Golf course with a reasonable, practical and easy-to-understand route. Accompanying students are expert golf coaches. As a result, students can quickly master the fighting technique and accumulate a lot of real combat experience.
Owning 3 standard golf courses: outdoor training ground, indoor 3D training ground, 9-hole Green course with full equipment system to serve the maximum learning needs.
Integrating technology into the training process of students: the indoor 3D court is the most modern gym with advanced technology, sensor cameras and equipment to support the training process, adjust techniques effectively.

Modern facilities and equipment

Green 9 hole course at HAAN Golf Academy

HAAN Golf Academy exchanges at Tan Son Nhat Golf Course

Tuition fees at HAAN Golf Academy range from 15 million VND/course, including golf and club rental fees. It can be seen that this is a quality golf training academy with moderate tuition fees and many attractive promotions.

2. Lotus Golf Academy – Lotus Golf Academy

Address:   67, 12th street, Van Phuc urban area, Hiep Phuoc ward, city. Thu Duc.

Hoa Sen Golf Academy is famous for its team of famous domestic and foreign coaches with many years of experience. Here, students offer basic, advanced courses for individuals, groups, including women and children. With enthusiasm, scientific teaching program, advanced 3D technology gym system, students at Hoa Sen Golf Academy have made remarkable progress through each practice session, from which they can confidently go out to the field after playing. end courses.

Hoa Sen Golf Academy is a famous academy in Ho Chi Minh City

3. KN Golf Academy

Address:   39 Đ. No. 22, Binh An Ward, City. Thu Duc.

Known as the leading golf training academy in Ho Chi Minh City, KN Golf Academy has more than 5 facilities and 1000 students throughout the Southern region. The academy specializes in providing technical courses, especially the “improved body swing” method for beautiful, standard shots.

4. Golf Group Academy

Address: 834 Nguyen Van Linh, Tan Phong Ward, District 7, HCMC.

This is a golf training academy that trains many professional golfers on domestic and foreign tournaments. Golf Group Academy owns a training system that integrates modern technology, practical learning programs and a team of professional coaches. Thereby meeting the diverse needs of learners.

5. International Golf Academy (IGA)

The International Golf Academy is an address specializing in training and coaching golfers in Vietnam. IGA teaches with an international standard Golf curriculum with 100% of international coaches having PGA certificates. In parallel, IGA also regularly organizes for students to practice and experience golf exchanges at international playgrounds such as Korea and some Southeast Asian countries.

“Children” Golf Class at IGA . International Golf Academy

Hopefully, through the article, you have had more suggestions about the top best golf institutes in 2022 in Ho Chi Minh City. If you need detailed advice and receive preferential programs at HAAN Golf Academy, contact the hotline for quick support!

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