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Nhà hàng Tư Trì nổi tiếng với món lẩu dê và các món ăn từ hải sản

Top 10 best restaurants in District 9, District 2 & Thu Duc for families


Choosing a venue for parties, family gatherings, etc. needs to be considered appropriate in terms of interests, number of guests and budget. HAAN Resort & Golf suggests you the top 10 best restaurants in District 9, District 2 & Thu Duc. Discover now!

1. Sen Restaurant – HAAN Resort & Golf District 9

Sen restaurant space – Haan Resort & Golf

Located within the HAAN Resort & Golf resort, Sen restaurant has a rustic, simple and sophisticated beauty of ancient Hoi An architecture. The restaurant space is airy and comfortable with natural light and a view of the green garden.

Nhà hàng với tầm nhìn ra sân vườn xanh mát

Restaurant with a view of the green garden

At Sen restaurant, diners can book a table for a party, birthday or family party on the weekend. Besides, the garden is also an ideal place for a new party. In particular, the diverse menu with rustic specialties will surely satisfy all diners.

Diverse menu with fresh ingredients

Raw materials for processing are harvested from the garden or carefully selected to ensure the freshness and deliciousness of the dish. Some delicious dishes are loved by diners such as deep-fried rice with guava leaves, lotus-dove sticky rice, steamed lotus leaf baba, steamed goby with mushrooms, dishes from star chicken, turkey, mallard, …

Nhà hàng Sen mang đến những món ăn đặc sản dân dã, hấp dẫn

Sen Restaurant offers rustic and attractive specialties

Prices range from 150,000 to 250,000 VND/person

2. Son Thuy Garden – District 9

Coming to Hoa Vien Son Thuy restaurant, diners can both enjoy delicious cuisine and immerse themselves in the impressive landscape. The small landscape areas of lakes, small islands, … are full of poetry. There is also a VIP room for you to organize private and comfortable parties.

Nhà hàng Hoa viên Sơn Thủy 

Son Thuy Garden Restaurant

Son Thuy Garden offers a diverse menu, from family dishes, rustic dishes to dishes from high-class ingredients. Some favorite dishes can be mentioned such as chicken hot pot with mushrooms, H’mong chicken with Ngoc Linh ginseng, dishes from scads, baba,…

Không gian được thiết kế đặc biệt

Specially designed space

Prices range from 150,000 to 250,000 VND/person

3. Huong Dua Restaurant – District 9

Huong Dua is famous as a country restaurant in District 9 with a quiet and rustic space. Coming here, diners will be treated to delicious local dishes amidst charming river scenery.

Nhà hàng Hương dừa là địa điểm đặt tiệc lý tưởng tại quận 9

Huong Coconut Restaurant is the ideal party venue in District 9

Diners who book a party at Huong Dua restaurant cannot ignore dishes such as: cool lotus root salad, delicious grilled shrimp, attractive grilled snakehead fish, steamed chicken with delicious and lumpy onions,…

Prices range from 150,000 to 300,000 VND/person

4. Rice shop – District 9

Lua restaurant is loved by diners because of the familiar taste of Southern dishes. These can be mentioned as delicious goby hotpot, attractive cuckoo, butter-fried frogs, cotton fish hotpot with its own distinctive features of Lua restaurant.

Không gian đặt tiệc tại quán Lúa quận 9

Party space at Lua restaurant in District 9

Prices range from 100,000 – 500,000 VND/person

5. Sepia Restaurant – Thu Duc

Nhà hàng tổ chức tiệc tất niên, sinh nhật sang trọng tại quận 9

The restaurant organizes a luxurious year-end party and birthday party in District 9

Sepia Restaurant is an ideal place to organize family parties, year-end parties, birthdays and conferences. Large and luxurious Sepia space with cold room system, hall with professional sound and light system for all meetings and festivals.

Prices range from 200,000 to 500,000 VND/person

6. Tu Tri Restaurant – Thu Duc

If diners want to enjoy goat hot pot, come to Tu Tri restaurant. This place is extremely famous for goat dishes. Besides, the restaurant also serves dishes from attractive fresh seafood.

Nhà hàng Tư Trì nổi tiếng với món lẩu dê và các món ăn từ hải sản

Tu Tri restaurant is famous for goat hot pot and seafood dishes

Prices range from 100,000 to 220,000 VND/person

7. Riverside Restaurant – Thu Duc

Đến nhà hàng Bên Sông Thủ Đức để thưởng thực hải sản chất lượng

Come to Thu Duc Riverside restaurant to enjoy quality seafood

This is one of the riverside restaurants you should try in Thu Duc district. Owning a large space, Riverside restaurant is a suitable meeting and party place for family groups and companies. The restaurant menu is diverse with famous dishes from 3 regions: grilled bacon with galangal, grilled beef with salt and pepper,…

8. Mekong Quan Restaurant – Thu Duc

Coming to Mekong Quan, diners will enjoy country dishes in a cool and fresh river space. The famous dishes of the restaurant can be mentioned such as the hot pot of chicken with fish ear, braised carp with melon, seaweed salad, suckling pig, the new “signature” of green rice,…

Không gian thơ mộng tại nhà hàng Mekong Quán Thủ Đức

Dreamy space at Mekong Quan Thu Duc restaurant

Prices range from 40,000 VND to 280,000 VND/person

9. New Golden Deer Restaurant – Thu Duc

Golden deer is a familiar place for families and friends in Thu Duc. The large dining space located in the middle of the lake brings a cool and airy feeling. Coming to the Golden Deer Food Garden, you can choose from a seating arrangement, a private room or a very comfortable kitchen area in a private hut.

Khai trương nhà hàng Nai Vàng New Thủ Đức

Opening of Thu Duc New Golden Deer restaurant

Price ranges from 100,000 VND – 500,000 VND/person

10.Deer Restaurant by the River – Thu Duc

Riverside Nai Restaurant owns a spacious space located on the cool Saigon River. This place is an ideal weekend destination for you and your family to enjoy fresh and quality forest and sea cuisine.

Khuôn viên bên trong nhà hàng Nai Bên Sông Thủ Đức

The campus inside the deer restaurant by the Thu Duc River

Price ranges from 200,000 VND to 300,000 VND/person

Above are the top 10 best restaurants in District 9, District 2 & Thu Duc. The most prominent can be mentioned Sen restaurant at HAAN Resort & Golf. Outstanding architecture, airy and green space along with excellent food quality will be the 10 point choice for your whole family. To book a party or book a room at the resort, please contact the hotline for quick advice!

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