HAAN Resort & Golf

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Discover the resorts on the outskirts of Ho Chi Minh City with beautiful and peaceful natural views


You can spend the weekend to enjoy high-class resort services with beautiful and peaceful views without going far. Let’s explore the wonderful resorts in the suburbs of Ho Chi Minh City through the article below!

1. HAAN Resort & Golf – a resort combined with a golf course

Address: 87/18 Cau Dinh, Long Phuoc Ward, City. Thu Duc

Khu nghỉ dưỡng resort ngoại ô tại TP. Thủ Đức

Suburban resort in the city. Thu Duc

Dong Nai riverside resort HAAN is an ideal place for the whole family on weekends. Despite its location in the city, HAAN Resort & Golf possesses a rare natural, charming and peaceful setting.

Khuôn viên xanh mất và yên bình cùng lối kiến trúc cổ kính, mộc mạc

The green campus is lost and peaceful with ancient and rustic architecture

Khung cảnh bình yên như quê nhà

Peaceful scenery like home

Phòng nghỉ dưỡng tiện nghi và yên tĩnh

Comfortable and quiet resort

Choose HAAN Resort & Golf suitable for a short vacation to relax and re-energize without going far. Here, you can freely breathe in the fresh air, gather with your family and enjoy facilities such as: green garden swimming pool, standard golf course, sightseeing boating experience, enjoying special cuisine, garden BBQ party, … extremely special.

Tiện ích hồ bơi tại HAAN Resort & Golf

Swimming pool facilities at HAAN Resort & Golf

Sân tập Golf tiêu chuẩn tại HAAN Resort & Golf

Standard golf course at HAAN Resort & Golf

Sân tập Golf 3D trong nhà ứng dụng công nghệ tiên tiến

3D indoor golf practice ground with advanced technology application

HAAN Resort & Golf offers 3 types of luxury resort rooms, including double rooms and family rooms. Booking costs range from 1200K – 3800K with attractive incentives depending on the time. This is considered the only golf resort in the suburbs of Ho Chi Minh City with reasonable and affordable prices.

2. Riverside Serviced Apartments river view

Address: 53 Vo Truong Toan, Thao Dien Ward, City. Thu Duc

Ngắm hoàng hôn từ ban công căn hộ nghỉ dưỡng

Watch the sunset from the balcony of the resort apartment

Riverside Serviced Apartments is a luxury resort option. Each apartment has a view of the Saigon River and a large garden. Here, you can enjoy the afternoon sunset from the balcony. Enjoy specialty MaLychee Martini’s at blu Bar & Grill.

Bến thuyền Riverside Serviced Apartments

Riverside Serviced Apartments . Marina

Coming to Riverside Serviced Apartments, guests will experience services such as boat transfers, sauna services, spa, massage, tennis courts, swimming pools, restaurants and high-class cafes.

Hồ bơi tại resort

Swimming pool at the resort

Sân tennis rộng phục vụ nhu cầu thể thao, vận động

Large tennis court for sports and exercise needs

The cost of resort here ranges from 1700K – 3900K/apartment 1BR-2BR

3. Huong Sen Ecological Resort

Address: 25 Street 176, Hamlet 4A Binh My, Cu Chi

Khuôn viên resort Hương Sen từ trên cao

Huong Sen resort campus from above

Huong Sen Resort is an ideal place for tourists to both relax and have convenient access to Cu Chi Tunnels. Coming here, visitors have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the green nature, away from the dust and noise in the bustling city without having to move too far.

Khuôn viên resort Hương Sen

Huong Sen resort campus

Staying at Huong Sen Resort, guests will be served a classic 3-star hotel room, swimming pool, amusement park and culinary restaurant,…

Phòng nghỉ thoáng đãng và ấm cúng

The room is airy and cozy

Room rates here range from 900K – 1600K/night

4. La Maison De Campagne Cu Chi

Address: 12, Provincial Road 8, Binh My Commune, Cu Chi District, Binh My, Cu Chi, Ho Chi Minh City

Khuôn viên trữ tình tại La Maison De Campagne Củ Chi

The lyrical campus at La Maison De Campagne Cu Chi

Khung cảnh yên bình nơi ngoại ô thành phố

Peaceful scenery on the outskirts of the city

La Maison De Campagne offers a peaceful resort space, but still no less luxurious. The bold Indochinese architecture and interior recreate the beauty of ancient Vietnam. It serves 3 types of high-class resort rooms, overlooking the garden and swimming pool. However, this place is hard to find and quite far from the city center.

Nội thất phong cách Đông Dương đầy hoài niệm

Nostalgic Indochinese style interior

Resort cost from 1600K – 2200K/night.

5. Les Hameaux De L’Orient Cu Chi

Address: Hamlet Rang, Trung Lap Thuong, Cu Chi, Trung Lap Thuong, Cu Chi, Ho Chi Minh City

Các khu biệt thự biệt lập tại resort Les Hameaux De L'Orient

The detached villas at the resort Les Hameaux De L’Orient

The resort resort Les Hameaux de L’Orient is famous as a resort destination for the elderly. Visitors will be conquered by the peaceful scenery, fresh air and the warm and welcoming reception of the staff at this place.

Mảng xanh rộng lớn, trong lành

Large, fresh green area

Les Hameaux De L’Orient campus owns an area of ​​up to 7 hectares, accommodating 100 guests with detached villas overlooking the garden, swimming pool, lotus pond and rice fields. In particular, the large green area surrounded by about 130 species of plants brings an airy and relaxing atmosphere.

Khung cảnh làng quê yên bình, thư giãn

Peaceful and relaxing village scene

In addition, guests staying at Les Hameaux de l’Orient Cu Chi will be served facilities such as a library, swimming pool, tennis court, badminton court, gym, sauna massage,…

Không gian phòng tại resort

Room space at the resort

Coming to Les Hameaux de l’Orient, visitors can both take time to rest, relax and take care of their health with standard French service systems.

Resort cost at Les Hameaux de l’Orient resort from 1200K – 2200K/night

After exploring the ideal suburban resorts of Ho Chi Minh City above, we hope you have found some suggestions for your family’s short vacation trip. If you need to book a room, rent a golf course and a party venue at HAAN Resort & Golf, please contact hotline (+84) 946954399 – (+84) 945111369 for quick advice!

Address: 87/18 Cau Dinh Street, Long Phuoc Ward, City. Thu Duc

Website: haanresort.com

Email: haan.resort@gmail.com

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