HAAN Resort & Golf

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HAAN Resort and Golf

A place to regenerate energy

HAAN is designed in traditional architecture and built to blend seamlessly in a green shady campus.

We are pleased to serve you a charming resort space with a system of fully equipped rooms that give you a private space of luxury, elegance and romance with nature.
Especially, HAAN always keeps in mind towards a green and clean lifestyle, prioritizing the use of recyclable products with the desire to contribute to the conservation and preservation of clean water and green earth.
Come and join us to enjoy the fresh and quiet space here, exercise and take care of your health with family members.

Delux Room

Apricot Room

Apricot includes lovely rooms with high-class wooden furniture and full amenities, bringing comfort and relaxation to visitors.

Lake view room

Daisy Room

Daisy’s rooms with garden view, green, quiet stream and pool view are all ideal places for you to have a private day off.

Phòng ở gia đình sang trọng

Orchid Room

Orchid are large rooms suitable for large families, groups of friends to bond and share a rewarding vacation.

Luxury Wood Bungalow – Biệt thự nghỉ dưỡng

Bamboo room

Bamboo is designed with Hue ruong house and old wooden furniture for family or group of friends of 6, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a cozy family space like at home. Bamboo fully equipped with necessary facilities for self-catering and cooking, is a central room that is convenient to move to all areas of HAAN.

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