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Is playing golf really good for health?


Is playing golf really good for health?

In the eyes of many golfers, golf is not only a sport for the elite, but golf also brings players many health benefits. But in fact, is playing golf really good for human health? Let’s find out with HAAN RESORT & GOLF!

Golfing is using a club to hit a small ball into a smaller hole. Players have to walk for many hours on the golf course  of more than 800,000 square meters to think about strategies, and standard golf shots. Therefore, when playing golf, players can both exercise their physical strength and train their brains.

Chơi golf tốt cho sức khỏe?

At the same time, exposure to nature and sunlight helps the body absorb more vitamin D, reduce stress, reduce the risk of depression, heart disease and some cancer risks.
According to research by experts, this is one of the benefits that golf brings to players. In fact, playing golf brings people the following specific benefits:

Burn calories

Playing golf is a player who has to walk for many hours on the golf course, so the player burns a lot of calories in the body. Compared to running or swimming, golf can burn up to 1000 calories in a single play.

Reduce stress

When playing golf, the body releases natural endorphins that have a mental boost for the brain, helping you relax happier, reduce stress and fatigue after a stressful day at work.

Strengthen bladder endurance

When playing all 18 holes of golf, players will be able to exercise their bladder stamina well

Playing golf is good for the nervous system

When competing with opponents, players must think and calculate to have good shots. Thereby improving mental acuity, blood circulation to the brain will accelerate, stimulate and improve the connection of nerve cells. The coordination of the body’s senses together helps you become more flexible, which is good for the nervous system.

Improve sleep

After playing golf, you have expended a lot of energy, this will help your senses easily fall asleep, helping you sleep more deeply. This will be an extremely good sleep to help you regenerate cells and heal tissues and muscles.

Playing golf is good for the heart

Your heart rate will beat faster when playing golf, your heart will beat faster to help better blood circulation, thereby helping you improve heart health, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and reduce bad cholesterol levels.

Playing golf reduces the risk of injury

Reducing Injury Risk All sports have their own risk of injury with golf being considered a fairly gentle sport and with a very low injury rate. However, you should warm up before playing golf to ensure safety because golf still has muscle movement.

Play golf with Vitamin EAS

Golf is an outdoor sport, players will be exposed to nature and sunlight to help the body absorb vitamin D which is good for the bone system to keep bones strong.

Improve vision

Golf is a great exercise for the eyes because it requires foresight and focusing on the distance on the course. It also improves eye-hand coordination.

Thus, playing golf is really good for human health. In addition, playing golf is not only beneficial for health, but playing golf is also a place to create good relationships with friends and colleagues, and many business transactions are agreed on the golf course. In addition, you can refer to a number of nearby resort hotels for more choices of great amusement parks.

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