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HAAN Resort & Golf and Cultural Tourist Area


If you do not have enough time for long trips and you still want to relax and reduce stress during the weekends, right near HAAN Resort & Golf there is always a destination you should not miss. Let’s follow HAAN to experience this resort .

Khu du lịch Suối Tiên - quận 9, thành phố Hồ Chí Minh

Suoi Tien Tourist Area – District 9, Ho Chi Minh City (collectible) near Haan Resort & Golf

Suoi Tien tourist area full name is Suoi Tien Cultural Tourist Area, located at the Northeastern gateway of Saigon, on the Hanoi Highway, Tan Phu Ward, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City. This is an entertainment complex, designed to integrate with historical images and Vietnamese legends such as Lac Long Quan – Au Co, King Hung, Son Tinh Thuy Tinh.

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II. Let’s explore Suoi Tien tourist area

Located on an S-shaped hilly land, 150ha wide, in the middle there is a winding stream with a length of 2,000m. Based on the dream of peace, well-being and prosperity, this resort has formed 4 areas according to the legend of the four spirits Long – Ly – Quy – Phung with the five elements Kim – Moc – Water – Fire. – Tho. The interior is elaborately built and arranged with a fresh landscape to create a green space.

Hình ảnh 1 phần khu du lịch văn hóa Suối Tiên từ trên cao

Photo of a part of Suoi Tien cultural tourist area from above (collected)

1. Tien Dong Ngoc Nu Beach

This is an “artificial sea” swimming pool, sea water is brought from Vung Tau and treated by Russian experts. With 15,000m2 of sea surface, around the 70m high Lac Long Quan mountain and opposite Au Co mountain. There are also the mountains of Ngu Chau, Hoang Thien, Huong Khu, Bong Lai and caves. The sea has the ability to create waves of over 1m along with strong entertainment technologies such as a fast slide through the two border gates of God Dragon and God Ngu, balancing on the water, etc.

Biển Tiên Đồng Ngọc Nữ của khu du lịch suối tiên sài gòn

Tien Dong Ngoc Nu Beach of Suoi Tien – Saigon tourist area (collectible)

2. Golden Palace Palace of Jade

The palace was built according to Vietnamese beliefs such as Hang Nga Palace, Dao Tien Palace, Nam Tao Palace, Bac Dau Palace and Alchemy Palace of Thai Thuong Lao Ong.

Hình ảnh Cung vàng điện ngọc

Pictures of the Golden Palace and the Jade Palace  (collectible)

3. Unicorn Palace (18 Gates of Hell)

This palace simulates scenes of 18 levels of hell with execution scenes in the underworld.

Mô phỏng hình phạt tại Kỳ Lân Cung

Simulation of punishment at the Unicorn Palace (collectible)

4. Tunnel through the ground

Go to the  Tunnel Through the Earth  to return to ancient Egypt to meet powerful kings and queens, and see with your own eyes thousands of ancient treasures piled high like a mountain that many people desire.

Kho châu báu Ai Cập cổ đại dưới hầm

Ancient Egyptian treasures in the basement (collectibles)

5. Aquarium

Visiting Suoi Tien Aquarium, you feel like walking in a miniature ocean, watching more than 100 species of sea creatures swimming in tanks with 32mm thick glass, there are about 30-40 species of anemones, live corals. .

Du khách tham quan Thủy Cung

Visitors to the Aquarium (collectibles)

6. Climbing – Swinging

This activity gives you flexibility, the feeling of trying to conquer the high mountain and challenges your health and perseverance. From the top, you will Swing to cross Lake Lac Canh, then walk balance on the suspended rope to return to the starting point.

Sơ đồ khu đu dây vượt hồ Lạc Cảnh Suối Tiên

Diagram of the swing area crossing Lac Canh Suoi Tien lake (collectible)

7. Roller Coaster

This game gives players a feeling of extreme speed by the fast and slow phases, up and down of the train consisting of 7 cars, running on the winding track 1,200m long, the highest peak is 30m and the fastest speed is 200km. /H.

Hình ảnh Tàu Lượn Siêu Tốc

Image of Roller Coaster (collectible)

8. Snow Castle

In this snow castle, the temperature is only from -5 degrees Celsius to -15 degrees Celsius. Being able to ski and play on the runway right in the heart of hot Saigon is extremely interesting and attractive.

Cổng vào Lâu Đài Tuyết

The entrance to the Snow Castle (collectible)

9. Magic Castle

This is a monumental work with nearly 4,000m2 based on the Harry Potter version. Bring visitors into the magical world with magical space, magical sounds and mysterious colors.

Khung cảnh Lâu Đài Phép Thuật tráng lệ

Magnificent Magic Castle scene (collectible)

In addition, the food here is also very diverse and rich with 3-regional cuisine. On holidays such as Hung King’s Anniversary, Southern Fruit Festival, etc., are held magnificently and attract many visitors.

III. Small notes

1. When you come here, you should bring a spare set of clothes to change when playing with the water.

2. Because it is an entertainment area, you should remember to dress comfortably like shorts, short-sleeved shirts and don’t forget to wear a hat.

3. If you go out all day, you can bring extra water, fruit and snacks.

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