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When work is stressful, relaxation is essential. Cooperation between HAAN RESORT & GOLF will create luxury and class that is close to nature. To immerse yourself in the natural space, let’s wait.

hồ bơi golf quận 9

During your stay here, you can watch and feed Co Coi, swim in a boat, swim in the swimming pool, enjoy the unique dishes of the countryside at the restaurant, the resort hut with a private space.

Golf course in District 9. Golf course in District 9. Golf practice in District 9

hồ cá koi quận 9

And especially the golf practice area here: in addition to practicing balls on the carpet, you can practice chip, sand, push the ball into the hole on the real green.

sân golf quận 9

More remarkable is the VIP room to practice golf on a 3D machine (you can measure the specifications for the swing to choose the right golf club, play 18 holes of golf with many simulated golf courses of international standards… save money, time to play golf) along with the sound of birds singing, crickets chirping and green trees… this is a great resort.

Especially for you to have a healthy and balanced body in life. Then you should learn and experience the sport of golf here. Golf will help you improve your health, regain balance for your mind. Not only that,  Golf  also helps you to connect many quality relationships, a healthy and civilized exchange environment.

Golf course in District 9. Golf course in District 9. Golf practice in District 9

What’s funny in District 9 that not all of you know. If you want to “change the wind” at the weekend, please refer to the gentle golf sport, which affects all muscle groups in the body and needs to use tactical thinking while playing golf, good for muscles, bones, joints and strong heart. Therefore, it is very suitable for children, adults to the elderly 60-70 years old. Golf is also the only sport that tries to unite all generations from children, grandchildren, fathers and grandparents to play golf together.
And especially when coming to KN GOLF ACADEMY , you will feel more secure with the new golf training method ” Protection and treatment of osteoarthritis” and “stimulate muscle memory” with the formula ” cảibody swing improves”. progress” is committed to being effective, sure to protect and take care of your family the best.

hoc golf quận 9

golf quận 9

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