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chu dam sen tam da ra tot bung va nhiet tinh

Tam Da lotus dress in District 9 is beautiful and attractive


Tam Da lotus dress in District 9 – Saigon is beautiful and attractive

District 9 is one of the tourist attractions in Ho Chi Minh City with many interesting entertainment spots that not everyone knows about. And Tam Da lotus pond is currently the most favorite destination of young Saigonese to take pictures and live virtual. You will not have to travel too far to go to Dong Thap Muoi to see the beautiful lotus flowers when in Saigon, there is Tam Da lotus pond.
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About 20 km from the center of Ho Chi Minh City, Tam Da Lotus Lagoon is a fun place in District 9 that is very popular with young


Lotus flowers at Tam Da Lagoon (photo collection)
With the green space, cool, combined with the image of lotus flowers blooming in the middle of the lagoon, it is the ideal setting for you to take beautiful photos. A perfect destination for weekends for those who want to find a peaceful place in the heart of noisy and bustling Saigon.

Directions to with Dam Sen Tam Da

Beautiful scenery at Tam Da lotus pond in District 9 (collected photos)
Depart from Saigon Bridge, follow Hanoi Highway/NH52 to Mai Chi Tho. Then go about 1.2 km, then turn left to TCT Ho Chi Minh City – Long Thanh – Dau Giay/DCT01. Go to intersection Ring 2, go right follow the signs for  Phu My/Binh Thai. Turn to right into Vo Chi Cong Street to roundabout take the exit 3rd into Nguyen Duy Trinh.
When coming to the branch of Viet Ma Import Export Investment Co., Ltd – Water Industry Equipment Inspection, Repair and Assembly Workshop, turn right to  Tam Da. It takes another 6 minutes to reach the lotus pond. See pictures below for details

“Hot” check-in locations

When visitors come to Tam Da lotus lake, they have to pay the cost of 25,000 VND/person as the cost of paying to take care of the lotus pond owner. With such a cheap fee, you can comfortably have fun here, take pictures with friends and family to have  photos to store beautiful memories.

Tam Da lotus dress owner is very kind and happy with guests (Collectible photos)
One thing you will enjoy is the image of a thatched roof in the middle of a lotus pond, a wooden bridge leading to the middle of the lake, surrounded by blooming lotus flowers. A poetic scene makes anyone who sets foot here be surprised and fluttered.

Simple and rustic scene at Tam Da lotus pond (collected photos)
If you want to temporarily stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you can find an idyllic, rustic and peaceful place at Tam Da lotus pond in District 9, Ho Chi Minh. You will see a completely different Saigon, a peaceful and beautiful corner of the prosperous city.

Tam Da lagoon is the ideal check-in place in Saigon (Collectible photos)
Tam Da lotus pond is not only an ideal check-in place but also a place for you to immerse yourself in nature after a stressful working week. Enjoy the fresh air, the faint scent of lotus buds along with the romantic scenery will dispel fatigue.

The image of a wooden bridge leading to a rustic cottage in the middle of a lotus pond (Collectible photo)
For those of you who love photography, the best time to see and take pictures of lotus flowers is from 5am to 9am. Because this is also the time when the sun shines, the lotus flowers will gradually bloom and the petals will look more sparkling. Don’t hesitate any longer get up and come to Tam Da lotus pond right away.
We invite you to admire more beautiful photos taken at Tam Da lotus pond in District 9:

In addition, you can design many fun programs with different ages, styles and needs for the whole group such as family, friends, honeymoon, bachelor party, family with children. small, etc., as you like when looking for resorts in District 9.

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