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Benefits of playing golf


The benefit of playing golf can be  burning 1,564 calories because to complete a standard round, golfers will have to walk an average of 6 to 12km, doing 11,245 to 16,667 steps. Hiking is a heavy exercise, but when we play golf we don’t realize we can go that much.

The UK’s leading cancer care organization, Macmillan Cancer Support, has urged everyone to take part in golf. This organization said that golf brings many unexpected benefits to health. Even completing a round of golf can be as good for your health as exercising for 1 week.

A standard round of golf has an average length of 6 – 12km, and a golfer will have to take 11,245 to 16,667 steps to complete. This activity will burn about 1,564 calories when you carry a set of golf clubs and equipment on the go, according to research from the Journal of Medicine.

Of course, this number only makes sense when you do not use the buggy to move but walk. This sport also has the advantage that players do not need to put in too much effort to exercise vigorously, the pace of a round of golf is not too rushed, so it is suitable for people of all ages.

Health experts recommend that every adult needs at least 150 minutes of activity per week to stay healthy. Meanwhile, the time to complete an average round of golf is about 240 minutes of continuous movement with moderate intensity. Thus, golf enthusiasts have been able to meet a sufficient level of physical activity to ensure health without spending too much effort like when playing other high-impact sports.

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