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Drivesure Car Dealership Info Breach


Companies that provide software or products to other businesses are often at risk of data removes. This is true data room software comparison of your largest companies. However , small companies just like car dealerships that rely on specialized products and services to run their particular business might find themselves for a greater risk for hacking attacks.

One company, drivesure, which provides service plan for car dealerships to help them build customer loyalty, knowledgeable a breach that still left the information of approximately 3. two million people available online. The attack occurred last December, and the stolen info set included names, home addresses, phone numbers, text messages and emails between dealers and the customers, VINs of automobiles and service records as well as above 93, 500 Bcrypt hashed passwords. Though bcrypt is considered more secure than old methods like MD5 and SHA1, it may still be incredible forced intended for an extended period of time when you will discover no shields in place, in accordance to secureness vendor Risk Based Secureness.

Hackers placed the database on Raidforums hacking message boards late last month, according to Bleeping Computer system. The post reportedly included multiple directories of data files, including those from your backend for the company’s MySQL databases that exposed 91 sensitive directories ranging from descriptive store and products on hand information to revenue data, reports, boasts and consumer data.

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